Help with arriving, integrating, and living in the Greater Atlanta area.

Your Expat Partner helps preparing expatriates and their families for their assignment in Georgia. Need a hand?

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Employer benefits

By ensuring expatriate success on a business and personal level, the risk of the investment in the assignment abroad will decrease dramatically.

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Expat settling-in services

Moving to a different country can be daunting. We offer tailored and in-person assistance for expatriates and their families that ensure a comfortable landing.

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Expatriate family coaching

Practical in-person coaching about living, learning and working in the Atlanta area. Plus education and school search support.

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Arrival and settling in services

Pre-arrival preparations, Planning, Relocation, Settling in, Education, Social Network, Spousal Support.

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Introducing Your Expat Partner

YEP helps preparing expatriates and their families for their assignment in the USA with a special focus on the greater Atlanta area. YEP guides expatriates and their families through the emotional process of moving to this new country. We prepare and support the moving families by providing customized and individualized information and coaching related to living, learning and working in the Atlanta area.

Keep the expatriates happy

We help to organize your adventure

Moving can be a challange

Moving preparations

Atlanta facts. What to bring to the US. Dealing with Social Security. Addition to your will.

health information


Health insurance. Healthcare. Dentist. Doctors.

help with house search

House finding

Where to live — City, Suburbs? Renting. Buying. Rental agreement. House Insurance. Utilities.

How the Georgia schoool system works


School system. Public schools. Private schools. Dutch school. Course.

The financial preparations


Bank account. Credit card. Credit history & score.

What clients say...

“Wij raden iedereen die zo'n verhuizing onderneemt jou aan. Waarom alles zelf uitvinden in deze super drukke tijd als er iemand voor je klaar staat die je graag wilt helpen?”

— Piet en Esmeralda Daamen

“Leontien provides an excellent service for starting expats in the US, delivering a very customer oriented approach. She is dedicated and makes sure that she guides the process from start to finish. I would recommend her services to anyone who plans to come and live in the US.”

— Bas Van Hese, Fokker

"Leontien heeft mij op een professionele manier, maar met een zeer persoonlijke benadering, wegwijs gemaakt in Atlanta. Haar werk en informatie hebben er voor gezorgd dat ik snel en gemakkelijk kon emigreren naar de Verenigde Staten en dat alle randvoorwaarden om daar te wonen en werken binnen no-time waren vervuld!"

— Tom Leene, Fokker

The requirements for our new USA HQ location, were: 1. Eastern time zone, 2. Good connectivity with Amsterdam, 3. Good local (Corporate HQ) market. Atlanta matched these 3 criteria perfectly but, so did Chicago and New York. My Spanish Wife Raquel expedited our selection process a little by looking at the climate tables of these three cities and basically disqualified the other 2. We got some great help from Your Expat Partner with finding a school and a home which made our relocation very smooth.

— Wouter Born, CXO-Cockpit

“The main advantages for us being supported by YEP was that we had someone to talk to about all our questions and concerns outside our own company. We knew exactly what to do to get us through all the bureaucracy that needs to be taken care of when moving to the US. We also were introduced to a great social network that supported us in feeling at home right away.”

— Antoine van Bree,  Meyn

YEP empowers expatriates and their families

The services we provide create a comfortable landing for your expatriate wich supports a good beginning of the expatriate assignment.

We believe that expatriates and their familie will flourish when they are presented with a comfortable landing and with the opportunity to focus on the work assignment while familie adjustment and integration in the American Culture is taken care of.

YEP helps the expatriate familly

We can also help with employment integration for the partner when the time is right.

75% of expatriate partners who do not work in the host country would like to do so.
Employment has a positive impact on the adjustment and health and well being of the expatriate family as well as on family relationships.
80% of expatriate partners would welcome information and support services to help them find employment or other developmental activities in the host country.