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YEP helps preparing expatriates and their families for their assignment abroad. YEP guides expatriates and their families through the practical and emotional process of moving to this new country. We prepare and support the moving families by providing customized and individualized information and coaching related to living, learning and working in the Atlanta area.

Introducing Your Expat Partner 
Moving abroad comes with many questions and bureaucratic challenges, such as finding the right place to live, finding good schools, getting to know your way around, deciding about working or not working and “basic” things such as organizing your social security number and driver’s license.

We help answer these questions, we address concerns and are a local source of information. We provide emotional support and personal and independent guidance during the process of transition. 

What clients say...

 “The main advantages for us being supported by YEP was that we had someone to talk to about all our questions and concerns outside our own company. We knew exactly what to do to get us through all the bureaucracy that needs to be taken care of when moving to the US. We also were introduced to a great social network that supported us in feeling at home right away.”  

Antoine van Bree, 
VP  Latin America Meyn America

YEP Empowers expatriate partners

We empower expatriate partners in the Atlanta area to carve their own professional path.We offer career support for the partner of the expatriate. Expatriate partners include highly educated and experienced professionals. 
We believe that expatriate partners will flourish when they are presented with the opportunities to use their professional talents. We help with creating an American resume, preparing for 
interviews and adjusting to working in a US 
office. We connect expatriate partners with organizations that gain from the international experiences these professional expat partners bring to Atlanta. We connect expatriate partners interested in work and/or developmental activities with each other. 

  • “75% of expatriate partners who do not work in the host country would like to do so”
  • “Employment has a positive impact on the adjustment and health and well being of the expatriate family as well as on family relationships.” 
  • "80% of expatriate partners would welcome information and support services to help them find employment or other developmental activities in the host country.” 

Living and learning, preparing for, arriving and integrating in the Atlanta area

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Practical in-person coaching about living, learning and working in the Atlanta area

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Pre-arrival, Settling in, Relocation, Social Network, Back up and Spousal Career Support,  

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YEP - Your Expat Partner, 990 Wilde Run Court, Roswell, GA, 30075
Our website includes information about living and learning in the Atlanta area. We also provide individualized information packages delivered through email and (phone) conversations about preparing for, arriving and integrating in the Atlanta area. The personalized information can be professional and/or personal.

We offer tailored and in person assistance to expatriates and their families. The services we provide create a comfortable landing for your expatriate which supports a good beginning of the expatriate assignment. We do not stop with supporting the family once they arrive. Our experience is that especially the spouse of the expatriate benefits from personal support over a period of time.
We provide practical in-person coaching about living, learning and working in the Atlanta area. Every coaching program is individualized based on the situation of our client and ideally starts before an expatriate partner moves. The program may include for example coaching around obtaining a work permit, creating a US resume, preparing for interviews, preparing for work, cultural training, social and work related networking.
YEP services
Blog your expat partner

Blog your expat partner
Blog your expat partner

Your Expat Partner

Who is the ideal expat wife?

by Karen de Groot on 01/25/11

I always like to read a little bit more about the news in The Netherlands and I like to learn from the experiences of other expats. This time a read about the ideal expat wife. Please read a little more about the ideal expat partner in the Dutch World Expat Newsletter.


by Karen de Groot on 01/02/11

Tipping can be very confusing for expats. How confused can you get! Let's try to tell you a little bit more. We found a nice quote we would like to share within our network.

"There is a long tradition of tipping in the US where greasing palms is both an integral part of the American way of life and a social disease (tippititus), and has nothing to do with the quality of service. Non tippers are considered to be cheap (the ultimate insult to Americans) and are treated with contempt, particularly by taxi drivers."  (quote from 'living and working in America by David Hampshire) 

Restaurans, taxi's, hairdressers; the average expected tip is 15%. For waiters and waitresses, 20% might be expected depending on the class of establisment. Nice website about tippin www.tipping.org and www.tipguide.com. We hope this will help!  

Keep you Dutch Spelling up to date

by Karen de Groot on 11/30/10

Difficulties with spelling the Dutch words in the right way. Maintain your Dutch language skills and go to www.spelling.nl. If you are really interested you might want to try to make the Great Dictation of the Dutch language (Groot dictee der Nederlandse Taal) on December 15th. www.grootdictee.nps.nl!



Introducing Your Expat Partner Blog

by Karen de Groot on 11/28/10

YEP empowers expatriates partners in the Atlanta area to carve their own professional path. We do this by connecting them with organizations looking for professionals with international experience. We also provide individualized and specific information about living, learning and working in the Atlanta area and this blog is going to help us to share information with you. We challenge you to help us make this blog usefull to our members and visitors. So let's inspire each other and start sharing.