It is our pleasure to get you settled in 'Hotlanta'

Tailored and in-person assistance for expatriates. And their families.

We are here to help!

Moving to a different country can be daunting. Especially when family (kids) are moving with you. New language, new house, new schools, new friends, new foods, new rules.  And those are just a couple of the things that change or need to be taken care of.

Having been through this experiences a few times ourselves we decided to help out. YEP was started, offering tailored and in person assistance to expatriates and their families. Our services already have helped to create comfortable landings for tens of families. This has proven to a succeful recipe for a strong start of the expatriate assignment, greatly benefiting the employee and employer alike.

Beyond a comfortable landing

We do not stop with supporting the family once you arrive. Our experience is that especially the spouse of the expatriate benefits from personal support over a period of time.

Services and levels we offer

We focus on family happiness in the new environment through a personal, yet confidential, approach with the following services:

Pre-arrival Support & Trip Preview

Home finding — suburbs or city?

Settling-in. Social and more...

School Search & Admission Support

Spouse Support & Coaching

Arrival in Atlanta

Pre-arrival Support
& Trip Preview

Removing the uncertainty related to moving to a different environment makes a huge difference. We help by:

  • Intake, orientation Interview by phone/email or face to face
  • Discussing expectations, concerns and answer questions
  • Giving advice and providing a list for the various documents to bring when moving to USA
  • Informing about the area and what to deal with after moving.

Home Finding
Suburbs or City?

Finding a new home is one of the most important basics for the expatriate and his family. Feeling safe and at “home" in the new environment and new house will help the adjustment for the family to be successful . With the experience and our European background we can:

  • Explain the difference in lifestyles
  • Advise — depending on their wishes — what areas would be a good fit for them
  • Explain the differences in living in the City / City area's or in a suburb neighborhood / community
  • Point out the the pro’s and con’s of American houses.

After we get a good feel for the wishes of the expatriate and his/her family we will:

  • Research and list potentially fitting cities and neighborhoods
  • Perform a house search based upon the criteria and connect with trusted realtors
  • Accompany them when 'hunting for houses'
  • Advise — depending on their wishes — what areas and houses would be a good fit
  • Explain the differences in living in the City / City area's or in a suburb neighborhood / community
  • Point out the the pro’s and con’s of American houses.
  • Support the expatriate with setting up the lease contract
  • Provide assistance with organizing the utilities

If the expatriate is on a pre-arrival visit we will continue searching for a house during his/her absence and share this info with the expatriate. If a house comes available that meets the standards and the expatriate isn’t in the US we will visit this house and share our findings and opinion with the expatriate.

Getting a comfortable Georgia home

Social and more...

We make settling in a smooth process, here is what you can expect (at the minimum):

  • Face-to-face welkomst meeting.
  • Planning for the weeks to come - information about the settling in process, looking at “bureaucratic” procedures, and so on 
  • Something fun...

Practical support with steps to take in order to get the daily life in Atlanta region set up. Explanation what is needed and why it is needed. Examples are;

  • Organize a Social Security Number
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Applying for a credit card
  • Finding a doctor and dentist
  • Provide a personalised binder with information about any thinkable subjects that supports the expatriates in adjusting to life in the Atlanta area.
  • Personal support regarding concerns, issues that come up with in the first 3 months.
  • Inform about the Dutch social network in Atlanta area.

School Search &
Admission Support

Expatriates moving abroad with kids have one big concern, their kids education. We understand this concern and can help them find a good school, plus:

  • Inform about American school system.
  • Location, ranking search.
  • Select schools in required area
  • Visit potential schools.
  • Inform about requirements, like the Georgia immunization (and ways around it...)
  • Provide council with regard to documents like, enrolment forms, and certificate of ear eye and dental examinations
  • Support with enrolment application
Spouse support

Spouse Support
& Coaching

We provide practical in-person coaching about living, learning and working in the Atlanta area. Every coaching program is individualized based on the situation of our client and ideally starts before an expatriate partner moves.

This program includes work and career support for the partner of the expatriate. We believe that expatriate partners will flourish when they are presented with the opportunities to use their professional talents, this can be in a payed or a volunteer job. Support and coaching services include:

  • Coaching around cultural training,
  • Social and work related networking,
  • Provide the expatriate's spouse with volunteer options.
  • Provide expat family with overview of social expat networks.
  • Introduce expats to other expats in the area,
  • Introduce or inform expats to meet locals.

If the expatriate or of one of the family members want to polish up his/her English we can provide them with a list of English or Accent reduction course schools in the Atlanta area.