Employers, secure your investment!

Sending employees abroad can be very beneficial. Yet, it is a significant investment with a risk that YEP helps to reduce.

How we help your company

Efficient and effective expatriate (family) support is the key to reducing the major risks associated with expat assignments. Together with the right preparation, business and personal success is warranted.

Risks and consequences

A fact is that expat adjustment and family adaptation issues are the leading cause of assignment failures and compromises. A failure like that will result in:

A comfortable landing

We offer tailored and in person assistance to expatriates and their families to ensure a comfortable landing. A positive initial experience creates a running start, both in private and business life. This shortens the unproductive transition period and increases the chances of success of the expatriate's assignment.

"What will it take to ensure the business, the expatriates and their family success of this assignment?"

"A comfortable landing"

How we help to secure your investment

We help to secure your investment by our focus on the expatriate and his/her family in a confidential and personal way so that:

We believe that expatriates and their family will flourish when they are presented with a comfortable landing and with the opportunity to focus on the work assignment, while familie adjustment and integration in the American Culture is taken care of.

We focus on family happiness in the new environment through a personal, yet confidential, approach

We offer professional or volunteer career support for the partner of the expatriate. We connect expatriate partners with organisations and social networks.